Most Popular Real Money Online Card Games

Many people start their professional gambling careers by playing card games. This is because the result does not fully depend on luck, but also your skills, strategy, and psychological features. Gamblers with a certain mindset became rich because they once took risks and played for real money. If you feel that you can become successful by playing card games, it’s time to choose a certain game and master your skills.

1. Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is similar to Kunken — a well-known Mexican game popular in the middle of the 20th century. Now this game is mainly popular in the European and American continents. The game belongs to logical-strategic, and it is designed for 2-4 people. All players sitting at the table receive 7 cards each. After issuing cards to the players, the deck is located in the middle of the table. The task of the gamers is to make a combination of 3 or more cards of the same suit or value. Gin is the most favourable position in the game when a player has no “free” cards in his hand which are not involved in the combination. The participant with the most points loses.

2. Bridge

This is one of the most appreciated games in the US and Europe. The difficulty of Bridge is comparable to chess, so the game is internationally recognized as an intellectual sport. A distinctive feature of the game is that a person does not play for himself, but his pair. The bridge has a strict code of conduct that prevents any violation of the rules and requires a certain discipline. Bridge lovers agree that the result depends on skills and logical thinking.

3. Blackjack

One of the most popular entertainment games in the world is “Twenty One”. For the first time, blackjack appeared in the US gambling establishments. The main difference between various blackjack varieties popular around the world is the deck: in the American version 54 cards are used, in the Russian — 36. Your task is to make a combination as close to 21 points as possible.

4. Poker

Perhaps, this is the most frequently played and anticipated card game around the world. It became popular about 200 years ago and is relevant today. Poker requires logical and strategic thinking and a little luck to succeed. As in Gin Rummy, the main task of the players is to get the most favourable combination. Bluffing can be also used in poker. A player who does not own valuable cards can bluff, forcing the opponents to leave the game.

Finally, there are more than a thousand varieties of card games, but the most popular of them are mentioned above. What card games are interesting for you? Share your feedback with us in the comments.

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